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Gil Petersil

Gil Petersil

After living, studying and working in Israel, Canada, USA, England, Russia, and Singapore, Gil used his broad knowledge in human psychology, creative marketing mindset and a multitude of business experience to help both people and businesses to grow with a clear understanding of their milestones, lifestyle environment and simple motivation strategies.

Gil loves learning from others, facilitating introduction, teaching through "Edutainment" methodology and "Gamifying". Friends call him an adventurous Coach, global Thinker, serial Entrepreneur and a passionate Accelerator of people.

After co-founding, managing and mentoring diverse projects in 5 countries he is now aiming to disrupt Asian business environment and build up a strong global networking community.

In numbers:

* Cofounder of 15+ companies

* Mentor for 200+ businesses and 35 000+ students all over the world

* 20 years of experience in corporate world

* Speaker at 300+ international events

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